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Changing air filter (How to)

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Can somebody make a howto please ?

Snow, you have to pull the gas tank cover to get to it. In order to do this you have to remove the seat and the 2 dark plastics pieces on either side of where your knee would go. Once you have done that remove the bolts at the back of the tank. Then on the front of the tank there are two more bolts to remove. Once you have done this you need to remove the air duct covers. You have to take out the top screw on the side fairings for this and remove the small plastics spreader screw on the inside of the air duct cover (near the forks). Once you have done this you can remove the air duct covers from each side by pulling them back so they clear the pin in the front of the front fairing and then lifting it up and pulling to the side to pop it off of the tank. Once you have done this you can remove the final two bolts holding the tank cover on and pull it off the bike.

Now that you have taken it off the bike you can remove the 8 or so screws keeping the cover on the intake system and you will have access to the air filter.

Reverse the process to put it all back together.

Does that help?

Ok, first you have to remove the seat (2 allen head bolts),

Remove side covers that are under said seat (slide tabs out of grommets and pull out)

Remove the air duct covers.  Release groove of air duct cover from pin of upper cowl (do that first, they're closer to the front of the bike), then unhook the tabs from the fuel tank cover.

Remove the six bolts from the fuel tank cover (two in the back, two in the front, two in the sides, near the front.

Remove the two screws from the ECM cover, unplug the ECM and remove it.

Remove the 10 screws from the air cleaner housing, and remove the housing.  The housing is the top piece covering the filter.

Diconnect the IAT sensor connector.  It's in the housing, right by the fuel filler neck.

Remove the 3 screws holding in the air filter and remove the filter.

Finally, installation is in reverse order of removal.

I am going to make pics for every step

removing the tank i already did once  ;D

Do i have to disconect the baterie first ?


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