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Author Topic: Fuel Injectors  (Read 2038 times)


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Fuel Injectors
« on: June 09, 2016, 08:58:48 AM »
I am finally somewhat better after back surgery ( back pain prevented me from riding for almost 2 years) so, I am ready to test my back and go test fire the CBR. I hear the fuel pump try to pressurize the fuel injection rails, but instead gas just pours on the ground  :-X. See above link for previous post. I had replaced all the O ring fuel injector when the bike had tipped over, I used some from the the local auto parts house ( the size was close). Once I got them out they broke easily. Maybe they where not rated for gas, not the the right size or ethanol dried them. I replaced them with Honda O-rings (  ::)) I also replaced the rail O rings and the seals primary and secondary.
Fire her up no leaks and went for a 30-minute test ride for the bike and the back did well.
Also added new Goodridge brake lines to replace the stock, I was going to change the brake fluid anyway. Side note I ordered the lines from a company in the UK and got them before the O rings from my local Honda stealership. One of which is still on back order, the Honda dealer in Nebraska ( I live in Ga.) sent me two, before I got the back ordered one. (still waiting on the call, like I would ever order anything from them again [url]]. You may want to avoid this franchise. They own most of the stealerships around here.
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