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Author Topic: LED brake lights drawing power when off? shop says will kill my battery?  (Read 1429 times)


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Hi everyone!

I started on a scooter, then a 250 nighthawk, then a GS00, and now I have a 2008 cbr600rr. I love it.  :thumb:

PROBLEM: The bike would not start (absolutely no dash lights were coming on). I charged the battery and still no luck  :banghead:. So I brought the bike to the authorized Honda motorcycle dealer.

They found the battery to be "broken" :-X  :P, the mechanic explained that this can happen sometimes. (I also got a leaky fork seal fixed.)

He then found that there was about a 30 or 40 milliamp draw to battery when the bike was off. I got the bike used and it does have a hacky LED brake light / turn indicator set up with the fender eliminator kit.  He said it was either this wiring or the wiring harness was going bad.

Basically my questions are:

1) Is this draw from the battery normal for LED brake lights?
2) Will this kill the battery if I am not able to ride the bike for a few weeks?
3) Has anyone seen anything like this?
4) Any advice!



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1. I would say no.
2. That is about 1-amp per day. How many amp hours is your battery? 40mA X 24 hrs = 960 mA or .96 amps ? 8.6 amp hours = about @ .96 amp= about 9 days so i would say you need to go riding every other day.
3. I would think that there would be nearly 0-amp with the ignition off. (the clock)
4. Do not you go the the stealership.
5.[url]] They can fix your fork/forks and many others, maybe one near you.
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