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Author Topic: VFX Taillight Review  (Read 3897 times)


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VFX Taillight Review
« on: May 17, 2004, 10:24:08 PM »
Experience:     I have had the chance to see their products in person already, so the quality of their work had a lot to live up to, when it came to the cbr600rr.  They were in fact providing what I believe to be the number one eye candy modification, to an already perfect bike.  I went in with high expectations, and they were met.

First Glance:     Upon opening the box, it was like a brainstorm, but in a good way.  I could not believe the quality of the instructions, nor how well the product was pieced together, and clearly labeled.  It took about ten minutes to go through the list and have a plan put together.

Installation Instructions:     As I had stated above, I do not think the instructions could have been any clearer; unless the guys from VFX were there with you telling you how to do it.  Perfectly worded and pictured instructions were provided.  Actual color photos of the installation procedure were provided, not the B&W thousand times over xeroxed ones.  It would be easy to put this kit in without instructions, that is how well it is labeled and put together, but the instructions was like sweet sugar icing on perfect cake.  Besides their instructions, their tech. support gets an A+++, but I will get into that in the next section.

Fit & Finish:     Seeing as it is an o.e.m. piece, the fit of the assembly itself is flawless.  The wiring coming out of the light gets a bit tight on the left side of the bike, but some zip ties and electrical tape make it go smoothly.  Placement of the i-pak might be a bit much for some people, seeing as it attaches to the sub-frame right next to the exhaust.  It will be visible to people, but most noticeable to you.  They have it placed here for heat transfer and cooling, it does tend to heat up under extended use and braking, and seeing as they are the manufacturers I will take their advice on placement.  I know it is there, and people have already pointed it out to me over the past three days, but that does not bother me.  Once they saw the system in action, they pretty much forgot about it as well.  Placement of the function switch is good as well, at the very inside front of the ram air cover.  They suggested left side, I put it on the right to help keep me from screwing around with it while riding, that has worked out so far.  The template to drill the plastic is perfect, a sticker that leaves behind no glue.  Even if it did, thatís why we have Honda spray wax.  The wires are all labeled and cut to fit perfect, a heat covering is also on the ones that come close to the frame and motor.  With the bike together, and everything in its proper place, you cannot tell the light was changed at all,(except for the i-pak), until you turn the animation on.  In terms of finish, they get aís across the board.
Performance:     There is no way to describe the function of the light except WOW.  I was skeptical of removing the turn signals for the integration part, but once I saw it in action , all my fears were gone.  The turn indications are clear and unmistakable, and with the addition of the yellow l.e.d.ís make it flawless.  The system allows for a hazard flasher function, (something I believe Honda should have put in along time ago, but that is another rant), which I think is a great addition.  The animations are amazing, and will amaze you and everyone else for quite some time.  Switching between animations is easy, a simple flip of the toggle to position 1 or 2.  The system has overrides for all functions, so total stock look and function can be obtained when needed.  I believe the addition of allowing only the blue l.e.d.ís to be on is great for showing the bike, and just plain neat to look at.  You can only select two animations at any point and time, however, entering the program phase is quick and you will be able to change either or both in a minute or less.  In my opinion, it out-performs all my expectations, and I suggest and recommend it to anyone who wants to rev up the look of their ride.  I also would like to add, that I believe the visibility and function of this light can only add to helping make us more visible on the road.  The turn indication with the slap down effect, clearly grabs your attention and makes your intentions on turning clear to all.  The $259.00 price tag may seem a bit much, considering the do it yourself kit is only $209.00, but it is worth the extra cash for the ease of installation it offers.  This kit delivers out past all expectations and descriptions.  Pictures and videos do not do it justice, you must experience this in real life.  It is a definite winner, and a must buy for those who love their bike to be noticed.

   On a side note, the tech support is great.  They will answer any questions you have, and even walk you through over the phone if you run into any problems.  I believe this definitely falls into the performance section, because a product is only as good as the person/people that make it, and they seem to be great people.  Courteous, knowledgeable, and polite only begins to explain the service, they definitely have a finger on the pulse of the riding world and the riders that live there.

Where to buy:
I would suggest them to anyone who has a bike on their list.

I wanted to save load time for those without DSL or cable, goto my album in the gallery to see larger pictures.  Once my camera recharges, I'll pull the rest of the pictures off it.   I hope this helps some of you.       Thanks,   Taft
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Re: VFX Taillight Review
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where can i get the instructions for this what gallery is he talking about?