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Author Topic: New to internet forums? If so, please read  (Read 2461 times)


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New to internet forums? If so, please read
« on: March 21, 2004, 09:34:42 PM »
****These opinions are those of one member and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of or any of its other members*****

This post is mostly for people that are new to this internet forum and new to this particular motorcycle.  There may come a time on here when you post a question or comment that is met with, shall we say, somewhat negative and slanderous replies from your fellow members, which is commonly referred to as "flaming".  Flaming is normally at it's worst on here when the following subjects are brought up:

Over the top performance modifications (turbos, superchargers, nitrous oxide, etc.)

Buying the RR as a first bike and claiming that it is a wonderful choice as a first bike.

Wild, wreckless riding on public streets.

If you are the one getting flamed for these or other reasons and asking why, here's the reasons why.  First, the experienced people on here have heard and seen these questions and comments countless times and are getting sick of them.  Secondly, and more importantly in my opinion, is that the regular members on here know what this bike was designed to do and hold this with great respect (even if some don't even use the bike this way).  The 600RR is a street legal road race machine.  It was meant to fly through twisties as fast as possible with almost no emphasis on long distance cruising capabilities.  The 600RR wasn't meant to be a stunta bike or drag bike either.  If that's what you're looking for, do us all a favor and buy a Suzuki :).  

Now, after being flamed you are probably feeling angry and insulted.  Like good ol' Marcellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction would say "That's pride fuckin' wit' you."  You want to retaliate and just cuss out the person, and it's perfectly understandable.  What you should understand is that for the most part, the people on here are trying to help.  Just take whatever useful information that's there and don't worry about the rest.  Remember this is just an internet forum.  Lighten up!!!  If you feel the need to retaliate though, do us all a favor and at least try to be funny, or at least sound intelligent so that it increases the reading enjoyment for all of the members.

And remember....FLAME SUIT ON!!!  ::)