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Author Topic: hi everybody, Im Mauro  (Read 1516 times)


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hi everybody, Im Mauro
« on: November 18, 2015, 04:07:36 PM »
Hi every one! Im Mauro from Chile, 23 years old, currently on 3rd year studying mechanical engineering! I own a 2014 CBR600RA HRC, bought it brand new on december 2014. Came here looking for help and why not, bring some help to others too.

here is a pic of my Honda

1.  Boxers/Briefs/Thong/Grannies/Commando: boxers
2.  Years riding: 11
3.  Biggest mistake in life you've ever made: use the clutch while accelerating on 1st gear, rear wheel spins, land on face
4.  Other bikes owned: suzuki en125 - yamaha yzf r15 - yamaha supertenere 1200
5.  Is synthetic oil better than dino oil? I Always used synthetic
6.  When was the last time you lubed your chain? Last weekend
7.  87 or 91 octane? 97 in my country
8.  Number of crashes? 7 total
9.  Where is the bank angle sensor located and what does it do? where is located: don't know. What it does? cut the power when you crash
10. Is a cush drive significant to you? don't know
11. Favorite movie: Grandma's Boy
12. When was the last time you were kicked in the groin? many years ago
13. How do you pronounce "Akrapovic"? Akrapovic
14. Age/sex/location: 23, male, Chile

is that right? LOL