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Author Topic: New guy from Cornville  (Read 1278 times)


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New guy from Cornville
« on: October 22, 2015, 02:13:48 AM »
1.  Boxers/Briefs/Thong/Grannies/Commando:  boxer briefs

2.  Years riding: 3years

3.  Biggest mistake in life you've ever made: Buying a pontiac firebird, dream car turned into the car from hell

4.  Other bikes owned: currently own a 2011 CBR 600rr started on a 2012 CBR250r

5.  Is synthetic oil better than dino oil? honestly dont really think about it just always went with synthetics being better

6.  When was the last time you lubed your chain? About a month ago, ~ 200 miles ago

7.  87 or 91 octane? Always used Premium

8.  Number of crashes? zero so far but that will change one day

9.  Where is the bank angle sensor located and what does it do? honestly never thought of that, my guess is gauge cluster or computer, used to measure the lean angle for an electronic steering damper? thats all just one big guess.

10. Is a cush drive significant to you? if youre asking i should probably know, but I do not. ???

11. Favorite movie: Supertroopers

12. When was the last time you were kicked in the groin? physically got drilled in the nads by a football, mentally punted when my wonderful boss told me im not getting a raise this year

13. How do you pronounce "Akrapovic"?  uhh Kra Puh vic or Akra povich, depending on how im feeling that day, no idea which is the right way

14. Age/sex/location: 22 Guy Fort Wayne, IN

Finally decided to join a forum, looking for tips, tricks, hints, guides, rants, and raves, to unlock the potential of the CBR.  currently work full time, not doing a whole ton of riding but working on very slowly converting my ride into a more track oriented ride.  I look forward to the discussions and nice to meet you all. ;D