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Author Topic: 2005 CBR600RR Won't Start After Wash  (Read 1251 times)


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2005 CBR600RR Won't Start After Wash
« on: May 29, 2015, 08:42:04 AM »
Hey guys, can't get my bike started...  Finally got it insured after missing last year's riding season due to being sick, and this year thus far because of work & school full time...  So a week ago I washed and cleaned it to get it ready for riding season.  Fired up fine, everything worked well, and all was good.  Now, yesterday I got it insured, got my plate on, and it wouldn't fire up.

Fuel pump isn't priming.  Battery is charged, and has been kept on a tender.  Taillight & brake light are working, rear signals are working, but I have no lights functional on the front end.  High/lowbeam are not on, center third eye light thing is not on, and turn signals will not function.  Gauge cluster turns on and oil pressure lights seem to be working, but I'm not getting an FI light, and can't recall if it should be on or not.  Kill switch correct, bike in neutral, will turn over but not fire, no fuel pump power.  Tried with kickstand up and clutch in as well.  Turning the kill switch back and forth will stop cranking, but not change anything else.  Bike ran fine last year for the few rides I was able to get, and a friend had it for a few weeks with no issues while riding it regularly, so it was fine when it was parked.  Where should I be looking first?  Is there anything in particular that would cause this set of symptoms that's a known issue I'm having no luck finding?  The threads I found when searching seem to be inconclusive.

Also, yesterday after putting the plate on and trying to fire it up, I tried tilting side to side a bit and rolling it back and forth to get it to start.  I did hear the fuel pump prime at one point, and it fired up, idled, had proper throttle response, everything with no issues.  Went to start cleaning up, and it died.  No go since.

I just want to get the thing running again so I can go riding!