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Author Topic: Websites for sale - Excellent marketing and/or sponsorship opportunities!  (Read 1348 times)


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Whether you're a racer looking for sponsorship opportunities, or a vendor looking to bolster sales, both can be found at a very reasonable price with exceptional ROI through the 2 sites I'm interested in selling.

1 is the site you're at right now -

2 is the racing website -

Both sites are fantastic opportunities to increase your exposure as a racer or a business, and market yourself to sponsors or market your products to consumers. 

I have successfully leveraged both sites through my racing career and attained significant sponsorships along the way. 

Very little programming knowledge is required to keep these sites running (though having some knowledge or resources with knowledge will help).  I will additionally provide transition assistance and provide tips on how to best market yourself or your company to sponsors/consumers. 

We all know how tough it can be to support a race effort.  Don't miss this opportunity to invest in yourself!

For information, please PM me or email, or call/text 404-368-4222.
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