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Author Topic: welldrilleRR's ROC report  (Read 6549 times)


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welldrilleRR's ROC report
« on: October 29, 2007, 09:59:41 PM »
Trailer was loaded up and we headed south, Monday night around 6:30.  By Wednesday afternoon, we arrived in Daytona Beach.  I registered for Team Hammer right away that afternoon and ended up meeting Jay Springsteen and Jimmy Flice of Pair of 9’s racing.  Nice guys, but they were not looking for another rider.  They had Scott Russell riding for them this weekend.  Checked into the hotel and tried to get a good night’s sleep.

Got to the track at 5:45 am;  by 7:00 am we were setting up base in the paddock for the weekend.  8:30 am was my first session and my first impression of Daytona.  The track layout is simple, but the banking was a little unnerving to say the least.  The first session I tried to get comfortable with the layout and make sure the bike was operating good.   The second session I wanted to concentrate on the banking and try to figure out where my brake markers should be.  I just could not get comfortable with the banking.  The fact that you’re steering the bike and trying to go flat out is what was messing with my head.  It rained between the second and third sessions, but we had an hour lunch break and the track did dry out pretty well.  The third session was pretty much, try not to crash because of the wet spots on the track.  Had one guy high side in front of me going through the second horseshoe.  By the fourth and last session, I was determined to get comfortable with the banking.  I tried to relax on the bars and steer with my legs, which did seem to work.  “Weight the inside peg and press outside knee against tank”, I tried telling myself as I’m flying around the banking.  The problem I was having now was I would find myself holding back on the throttle.  I would wait until the bike would straighten up after the banking to pin it.  I was hoping the GTU race the next day would help me get up to race pace. 

Friday, I had two practice sessions in the morning and I worked on braking markers.  After practice, I put on new Michelin’s and waited for my race.  They had Team Challenge first, then GTO and GTL.  GTU was the last race of the day.  Nerves were building and I didn’t eat much all day.  Finally, it was time to race.  I was gridded in the third row, so Turn 1 was going to be interesting.  I was definitely holding back as the green flag dropped; but pretty much held my position going through Turn 1.  Made it through the infield fine and got up on the banking.  Everyone says go up high on the banking, but I just stayed low as bike after bike seemed to fly by.  Towards the end of lap 2, there was a red flag, so we headed back to the pits.  It took awhile to get the air fence set back up, so they ended up making the race a 5-lap sprint.  We gridded up on where we were at the end of lap 1, so somehow I made it into the first wave start in Row 10.  There was a second wave also starting on Row 12.  I finished 10th in the amateur class which was pretty much the last bike from the first wave.  I left the track Friday wondering if it was worth it to come down.  I just could not get comfortable with the track. 

Saturday morning we got out to the track to see that it had rained, the track was wet and there was more rain to come.  So, I got the rain tires out and swapped them on to my spare rims in time for my first and only practice.  I got out on the track and began to wonder if these rain tires are good for 150 mph, especially since I installed them.  Needless to say, I tiptoed around the track.  After practice, I talked to Tom Mason, who is with Michelin and he said, “no worries, let ‘er rip!”  And I’m thinking, “Yeah, right.”  By the time MWSS was to start a dry line was showing up on parts of the track.  Most of the riders were out on full rain’s yet, and a few with intermediates.  I ran with my used rains, figured it was a good place to burn them up.  I was gridded on the third row again, but the field was depleted due to the wet track.  I was about 8th coming out of Turn 1 and that’s where I finished – 8th.   The tires held up great, I guess I should have pushed it more. 

Saturday afternoon was the MOTO-ST race, so we stuck around for that.  The day turned out to be very nice so the race was very fast-paced.  We got into the pits to watch the crews at work.  It was neat to see some big-name racers standing only a few feet from us.  Watching the race was a big confidence boost for me.  There is a big difference in HP between the bikes and to watch the bigger bikes maneuver around the slower bikes on the banking made a big impression on me.  The racers weren’t worried about losing traction, they would just flick the bike around.  I left the track Saturday with a renewed enthusiasm.

Sunday morning we got to the track and it was dry, but very cloudy and a good chance for rain.  I swapped out the rains for DOT’s and made the first and only practice.  I was determined to run the banking as hard as I could.  By the second lap, I was comfortable and twisting the throttle to the stop.  For the first time all weekend I was running off the rev limiter before the chicane and Turn 1.

First race was MWGP.  Gridded in the second row I got a poor start and was probably 12th coming out of Turn 1.  Had some good battles with some racers.  I would catch and pass one or two in the infield but would get passed back in NASCAR Turn 4 as I was bouncing off the rev limiter.  I finished 10th but was feeling good about my performance. 

My last race was MWSB.  I was gridded on the outside of the first row and wanted to get a good start.  I ended up third coming out of Turn 1.  Turn 3 in the infield is very similar to Turn 2 at Blackhawk.  A sweeping left-hander that you can run 4th gear close to wide open.  I just couldn’t get myself to do that.  I was passed by 2 riders through Turn 3.  The next turn was the 2nd horseshoe which I was comfortable with, so I was able to pass the 2 bikes back.  Coming out onto the banking, I was in third.  I put my head down and gave it all I had. But, by the chicane, I got passed by 3 riders and by Turn 1, I was passed by 3 or 4 more riders.  The rest of the race I was dicing it up with at least 5 – 6 bikes, pass some in the infield, get passed on the banking. The draft does work. I ended up finishing 11th, but was running the fastest times of my weekend.  My best time was a 2:01.  My goal was to break 2:00.  I think with the right gearing and running a little harder through Turn 3, that would have happened.

 I left the track Sunday happy to have conquered the banking and glad to have come. There is no other track like Daytona and would recommend trying at least once.
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Re: welldrilleRR's ROC report
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2007, 10:26:14 PM »
 :thumb:  You and your bike are still in one piece and sounds like you had a good time in the end.  I'd still like to get down there one day and run it.
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Re: welldrilleRR's ROC report
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2007, 11:08:04 PM »
Congrats on the top ten finishes. It was nice to meet you. There were not as many riders in the races as I had thought there would be (I was thinking like 60 with 3-4 waves), but that may have been due to the weather.

Thanks for the report. I'm hoping to race there next October.
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Re: welldrilleRR's ROC report
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2007, 06:46:22 AM »
congrats man.
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Re: welldrilleRR's ROC report
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2007, 11:15:10 PM »
I was glad to see some of your ups and downs this year and I think you did great. Get ahold of me about your plans for next year.
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