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Author Topic: Custom black Repsol  (Read 3078 times)


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Custom black Repsol
« on: June 01, 2013, 06:07:53 PM »
So here it is: My review from start to finish on a custom fairings kit from
There was a total of 53 emails exchanged from start to finish, which was frustrating since they only answer once a day (2-4 a.m.). The time line took almost 2 months total. Here is the breakdown:
4/9/13-initial contact
4/15/13-made payment
4/19/13-design planned and ok'd
5/10/13-first photos of the painted kit sent to me
5/21/13-received the kit
5/31/13-refund (more on this in just a moment)

I bought the bike and it was already laid down so I knew I was going to buy new plastics from day 1, I just didn't know from who or what. I did a lot of looking around and research (thanks!) and decided on motofansclub. I custom ordered a flat black repsol kit and they gave me exactly what I asked for design wise. I also ordered a bolt kit from them sice the bike was missing a few. Shipping was SUPER fast(3 days I think, from Hong Kong to Texas)I received the kit and it was wrapped very well and nothing broken. there was a couple pieces that had tape stuck to the flat paint which was a bitch to clean the residue off and I noticed some other very minor paint issues. I also did not receive the bolt kit, which meant I had to order another kit to complete the install** (they refunded my money for the bolts)

I installed the kit and I will say that I did not have to drill anything out and the holes lined up somewhat but fitment was not even close. I had to stretch and push and pull on every piece to make it fit. I am afraid if I hit a bump the whole thing might burst off the bike from being under so much tension. Some things fit great but some are not even close like the windscreen for example. You will see in the pictures that the decals across the front don't line up and the gap around the third eye is horrible.

So in review, I say "you get what you pay for". For the price, I have a 10 foot bike. (from 10 feet away she looks amazing) I feel this is like a Pontiac Fiero with a Ferrari body kit, it looks like I spent 200,000 for a Ferrari unless you know what you are looking at. Overall I would not say it is bad for the money, If I were a richer man I would go with OEM and have them painted.

**I ordered the Bolt kit from in flat black. for $58 I thought I was getting the 1/4 inch turn bolts too but I had to order those from Honda.

Here is the B4 and After pictures of my bike:


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Re: Custom black Repsol
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2013, 06:43:56 PM »
Thanks for the review...some imbedded images would be nice, but I clicked on the link at the end. I like the flat that a combo of flat and glossy paint or was it done with pain and decals?
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Re: Custom black Repsol
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2013, 12:05:45 PM »
Thanks, to answer your question all the black (flat and gloss) is paint and of course the orange decals to make it pop.