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Author Topic: my girlfriends worried that this turns me on almost as much as her. ;o)  (Read 1747 times)


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So i think im gonna by an rc51 just so i can get this exhaust and scare the pants off harley guys. Gonna be a great second bike!


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rc51     :drool:    :drool:        :drool:

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 :jerkoff:  :jerkoff:    :(

You really want to scare Harley's this would do a way better job of it...

Or better yet...
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I don't have sound at work, but I got a hard on just thinking about the sounds of those bikes...gonna have to finish it off later...LOL :jerkoff: :drool: :-* :spank: :P
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that rc sucks but the frist 1098 was fucking awesome what brand
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G-reg had a set of Sato's on his RC51 race bike last year. Standing in the middle of the infield at Blackhawk Farms I could always tell where he was on the track just by listening.
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Sweet sounds.  I've got a buddy that has a TLR with some two-bro's pipes.  Pretty similar sound. :thumb: :thumb:
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