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Author Topic: "new" bike for me  (Read 819 times)


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"new" bike for me
« on: March 21, 2007, 02:14:41 AM »
Wifey and I will be getting dirty this year.   8)

Three weeks ago, I brought home a 2004 Suzuki DR200SE for her.  It will be her first dirt bike, so the low seat height and lack of power should be good for her.  If she takes to this like she has the street and the track, we'll probably sell this bike and get something bigger.  Or keep it as a pit bike or something and get something bigger.

Here she is geared up (dirt gear is so cheap compared to street/track!) and ready to go on her first ride on it.  Actually...she spent more time getting the gear on than she did riding it.  Works kinda crazy for her right now, so all she could do was basically run up and down the street a few times.  That should change shortly, though.

Well...bringing that DR200 home meant the wife had more bikes than me.  Clearly, that was a problem.   ???  So...Saturday I brought this home:

2001 Suzuki DR400S
IMS tank  (3.2 gal)
Baja Designs skidplate (including the bits to protect the case covers from the shift and brake pedals)
Acerbis headlight unit
FCR 39mm carb
Yosh Stainless exhaust (loud, but it sounds pretty damn good)
RM forks (way better than the stock DRZ forks
Eibach single-rate springs (f/r)
-1T front sprocket (14)

Plus a few other odds and ends.

I've already ordered a 47T rear sprocket, (stock is 44T).  That'll give me the same gearing as the dirt-only DRZ400E and should make 2nd gear the gear of choice unless I want to do big stupid which case, 1st would be the choice.   :thumb:

I took it out for a short ride (about 40 miles) on Sunday and had a ball.   The suspension just eats the bumps, and that big thumper seems to make power through the whole powerband.  I can't imagine what it would be like to ride a bike with a race motor like the CRF or the KTM and Aprilia 450's.   :-X  I'm sure I'l eventually be wanting more power, but so far, I think this is going to have plenty.

Here's a pic the wife snapped as I was leaving the neighborhood to go for my ride...complete with my dirt rider pajamas.  I got yellow/black to match the bike...and she says I have no fashion sense.  Ha!  I may need garanimals to pick out my work clothes, but I can match my gear to my bike.   :P

We'll be taking the dirt rider class at MotoVentures this weekend, then we'll start hitting the trails.   8)

Meanwhile, the 600RR's forks arrived at CRST this afternoon to get new GP Suspension bits (Springs and valves) in prep for our 4/7 day with the Superbike School.  Wifey's FZR has a Fox twin-clicker (thanks eBay), racetech springs and emulators, and stainless lines and new pads.  I've got a few more odds and ends to finish on the CBR including an oil change, and moving the PCIII to the drug compartment (it is in the tail section now) and I've got to spoon on the new Power Race (Medium compound) tires, then we're ready to rock and roll.
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