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Suspension Settings

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--- Quote ---Damn Black,  nice compilation!  That looks like it took you some time and I'll be the first one to thank you for it.
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no problem man.... i was doing it for myself and figured it may be "the thread" that helps someone else get through some suspension tuning. I've been trying everything just to get a better grip on how the adjustments make the bike ride differently. Only reason i'm being brave now is b/c after i throw a 190 on the back, i'm going to have it professionally done anyway. its experimentation time.

This thread is so good I'm moving it to the FAQ section!

old wanderer:

--- Quote from: Fretless33 on April 07, 2006, 02:36:46 PM ---Try looking at it with your bifocals on, it will be much more clear... ::)  :P

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 :P :P :P   Yeah I think you are part of those hooligans  :jerkoff: that keep hiding my walker when I come off the track and back to the pits.   :embarrassed:

Do you think riders would have to give way too me if I painted the tips of my forks red, like a red tipped cane??

Thanks for the article Blacknumber 1

do the 05-06's have the same suspension as the 03-04?    nice post black   :thumb:


--- Quote from: bobhope on April 22, 2007, 11:50:29 PM ---do the 05-06's have the same suspension as the 03-04?    nice post black   :thumb:

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05 onwards have upside down forks, and revised rearshock settings(compression is 12 clicks out instead of 7 as on the 03-04).


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