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Author Topic: 2 questions  (Read 10471 times)


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Re: 2 questions
« Reply #15 on: April 19, 2005, 10:17:12 PM »
1st - so the only reason to perform the 520 conversion is for weight reasons? i was told you change the chain when you change the sprockets and that doing the 520 conversion helps in acceleration and performance. the only reason i would like a steel rear is because i have a couple of friends that did the conversion and have gone through two aluminum sprockets.
2nd - so about the commander, yeah thats exactly what ive heard before. by the time you spend the money for the commander and tunning its not really worth it on the street. but any other suggestions would be appreciated.
3rd - so does anyone know a vendor that makes either a steel rear or aluminum with steel teeth rear.

 ps- thanks for the badge and i will wear it proud. i plan on getting alot more! thanks

I have a mag....that "Fixes" all the "problems" with the 600s for '04.....they teach you how to sort out the handling problems on the R6...the shocks on the Kwak..etc. For the Honda the only "problems" was that it 'felt' too slow. The solution.... one smaller on the front sprocket...and a PC. They said if you couldn't afford the PC just go one down on the front sprocket. My bike has both....but it was like that when I bought I can't compare.

BTW Jeff, love the title change for this area.....very P.C. of you...hehe.
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