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Author Topic: blessing in disguise?  (Read 830 times)


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blessing in disguise?
« on: July 28, 2005, 11:33:00 PM »
so here's my night out on the bike:

been riding the girlfriend around the neighborhood for a couple of days now, and she finally felt comfortable enough to go out on the main roads with me.  so a few friends piled into one of my friend's cars and the girl and i took off for bike night at royal oak.  we get down there and i'm parked about a block away from where we always sit.  so after about an hour a few spots open up right near where we are and i decide to move my bike.  this is where i make mistake #1:  not having the girlfriend walk to the bike to get her helmet (most people leave them on their bikes also)  so my dumbass got on my bike with the helmet still on the mirror, like i said mistake #1.  i figured i was only going like 10 miles an hour it's not a big deal.  the helmet stays on until after i turned down a side street to turn around.  then it falls off.  not a big deal, no damage had been done as it had fallen in grass.  this is where my RETARDED ASS makes mistake #2:  i just leaned over to try and pick the helmet up.  did i get off the bike to pick it up?  no that would have been the smart thing to do, and besides it would have eaten up valuble time in getting to those coveted spots.  so i lean over and bam, my darling falls over.  it's nice that my first drop was a whopping 0 mph fall, that was more broken by my leg than the curb.  i pick the bike up and put it on it's side stand.  a guy pulls up behind me and asks if i'm ok and was suprised that i picked the bike up by myself.  so he takes off and i kind of slide the helmet up my arm.  now my bike won't start.  so i leave it go for a couple minutes and just take a breather and try and relax myself.  i get off to check the damage and courtesy of my wonderful yoyodine frame sliders the damage is minimal.  the bike then starts up and i find a place to park after going slow to make sure the bike is still in working order.  the girlfriend and i get home after a good laugh at my stupid self.  now most of you might be thinking, why is this a blessing in disguise.  here's why:

1. excuse for CRG break and clutch levers (break lever is bent but not broken)
2. new rear turn signals (busted the cover on the right side)
3. girlfriend won't question my getting an m4 slip on since there will be other boxes anyways

on a side note i bent my frame slider, it's not bad but is it something i need to get fixed? or can i just leave it go?
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