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'05 RR 5k rpm rattle / buzz - read FAQ already

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On my '05, there is no extra washer in the right bar end weight, but there is metal to metal contact between the bar end and the thing in the bar.   I put some tape on the bar end to eliminate that.

Any one else having this on their '05?   

I'm not freaked out about it.  Seriously doubt it's coming from the engine.  Some kind of chassis buzz and very subtle.   I can live with it, but it would be nice to eliminate it.

I noticed it as well, shortly after I got my bike back from the shop.. You think it's caused from a missing washer and there is metal to metal contact creating that buzzing noise?  I can pin point the sound coming out of the steering clamp / gauges area.


If you get to where you can hear the noise, grab the key.  It may very well be the key in the ignition.

I had same problem with my 05, when i put my hand on the instrument panel it would go away, it was most anoying appearing at the rpm stated. i just thought it was my bike!!! Sounded like a loose plastic ot summin.
Anyway was meant to look into it but with 2000kms on clock now it has disapeared, no longer there.

I can make the rattle/ buzz around 5k rpm go away by placing my left hand firmly on top of the tank (plastic shell).   I'll be going after this issue tomorrow and will let ya know when it's solved.   And yes...the rattle is friggen annoying.  Was bugging me a lot Saturday on my group ride.


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