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Title: Johnny P's Road America Report (April 21-23)
Post by: Johnny P on May 04, 2006, 05:45:14 PM
Well better late than never!

First of all, I just want to state that this is my first ever race report so go easy on me.  Secondly, for those of who didn't know, Jeff has formed a racing team under the website this year, and was so kind as to let me in on it.  What does that mean?  Well, I get to be graced by Jeff's presence at the track throughout the year in return for helping find sponsors and such.  Really I am just his bitch, but that's OK because his RV has air conditioning!  We pitted with each other all of last year along with our buddy Greg (G-Reg), so we thought we would make it official and look professional as well (You can always look the part!).  Really though, we are all very excited as this should be the best year of racing yet for all three of us, well maybe just two...

As Jeff stated, we got to the track on Thursday afternoon and waited (what seemed like an eternity) in line to sign-in and get access to the track.  Once we got in and picked out a spot, we proceeded to set up the pit area, starting with the new decking.  It went down about 12 times faster than either of us thought it would so we were pretty stoked and hoped our luck would carry into the next day.  With the pit set-up we turned in for the night and eagerly awaited the next days racing!

The first race day of the year is always a bit nerve racking, especially when you have not been on the track at all year prior to the morning practice.  This year my number was changed to and odd number, so Jeff and Greg got to go out first while I awaited my turn.  With the bike warmed up and new Leo Vince System sounding just plain old bad ass, I was ready to try out my bike (and new motor!).

One of buddies had been there for the practice the day before so I decided to tag along with him to get the confidence back in me and the bike.  My new motor was pulling strong and I was keeping up with my buddy as planned.  On the third lap he stepped it up to full pace an off we went.  I got on the gas hard coming out of the "Kink" and onto the back straight, all of a sudden the bike started to bog.  Before I knew it, I was blowing smoke all over the place so I pulled in the clutch and pulled off the track.  It only took one look down and I knew the motor had gone.  The first sign was the Oil Filter laying on my headers (It took a few pieces of motor with it!).  So I awaited the crash truck, not how I planned my first race weekend, let alone the first practice session!. ::)

After a quick inspection it was obvious that the #3 rod had damn near cut my motor in half!  So I figured my weekend was over, especially since Jeff and I run the same classes (No chance of sharing a bike).  As you can imagine, there where a lot of people stopping by to see what happened, including one our friends Denny.  Denny just happened to have a spare GSXR750 he said he would loan me for the weekend as long as it didn't rain (It was his rain bike).  With a great amount of appreciation I accepted and was back in the game. 

I only entered one Middleweight Class, so all I had to do was swap one race to be legal on the 750.

Friday GTO (25 Min Race):

This was a very nerve racking for me due to a few reasons.  One, I had never ridden a 750 on the track.  Two, I have never launched anything larger than a 600.  Three, it isn't my bike.  Four, I had zero practice.  So needless to say I was a bit nervous.  The start went OK and I took my time getting used to the bike and extra grunt coming out of the corners.  It took most of the race before I got into a rhythm and I brought it home in 13th out of 24, three spot behind Jeff.  :thumb: With all the unfamiliars behind me I packed up for the night, excited about the next days racing.

Sat Practice

Rain Rain Rain. No practice for me!  Denny said he wouldn’t practice in the wet, but would need the bike back if it was raining during race time.  The weather added a lot of unknowns, especially because Denny did not have spare wheels for 750.  I would have to keep a close eye on the weather and be ready to swap my tires for his rains at a moments notice.  Not the ideal situation, but at least I had a bike to ride.

Sat Unlimited GP Qualifying

The track was wet, but I needed a little seat time on the bike, so I went out and tip-toed around the track for a few laps and ended up on the 5th row for Sunday's Race.

Sat Heavyweight Superbike

As we headed out for this one I felt really confident.  The bike was feeling good and the weather was great as well with the sun shinning nice and bright.  I followed Jeff on the warm-up lap and stuck right with him, for sure this was going to be my race...Not to be, the bike died on the start line and I couldn't get it running again ::)  So I was blessed with pushing the bike off the track and all the way around the paddock area back to the pits.  With that being the only race of the day, I decided to have a beer, collect my thoughts and get to work on the Honda.

Sat evening, I pulled the motor on my RR while Jeff's wife Jen and My wife Jesse (9 months pregnant) changed the plugs on the GSXR.  For sure tomorrow would be better.

Sun Practice

Rain Rain Rain, No practice for me ::)

Sun Unlimited GP

I got a terrible start on this one, which is not a good thing since this was one of the most stacked races of the weekend.  I ended up 19th out of 22, but not to far behind some damn quick guys.

Sun Heavyweight Superbike

This race and the Unlimited GP race were back to back, so I had to hurry through my cool down lap to make the grid.  I pulled up to the gathering area and the bike died!  ::)  I tried and tried, but I could get it started.  Finally one of my friends tried to push start me and it worked.  However, it was too late; I missed the warm up lap and had to start from pit lane ::)  This was double bad, because I was supposed to start from row 2 and now I had to wait for everyone to go before I could start.  This was also a two waive start, so I had to let all the amateurs go as well.   ::) Basically all the experts were through turn 1 before I got to go.
Once I got the flap to go, I put my head down and ran as hard as I could.  It was only a 6 lap race so I had a lot of work to do.  It was a blast working my way through the field, passing riders left and right (OK most were amateurs, but it was till fun!).  Eventually I caught the Experts and picked off a few of those as well.  Highlight of the weekend for me, 8th place three spots behind Jeff.  :thumb:

Well that's it.  Below are some pics of the damage.  Hopefully I will not have as much drama this weekend and the reports will be a bit shorter.  I still have the GSXR, but will return it after this weekend's race at Blackhawk (hopefully in one piece!).

A big thanks to my Wife Jesse for putting a bright light into a pretty shady weekend, Jeff and Greg For all the help getting the GSXR ready, and of course Jen for helping Jesse with the Plugs.  Perhaps the biggest thanks goes to Denny for being kind enough to offer me his bike, top bloke! :thumb:

Of course all the site sponsors, hopefully I can get some more or Jeff is going to fire me 8)
Title: Re: Johnny P's Road America Report (April 21-23)
Post by: Jeff on May 04, 2006, 06:19:51 PM
Nice write up man!! 

Yeah, you had one hell of a bad weekend. I'm just glad you lived through it.  Something definitely did not want you to race.
Title: Re: Johnny P's Road America Report (April 21-23)
Post by: Johnny P on May 04, 2006, 06:22:36 PM
Yeah, once I posted it you could see all the kicks in the dick, and as you know every one was genuine.  It's all good, gotta take the bad with the good.  Here's to the good ;D
Title: Re: Johnny P's Road America Report (April 21-23)
Post by: Fretless33 on May 04, 2006, 10:00:54 PM
Man, what a weird weekend that was, but it sounds like you did pretty good! Nice report too!
Title: Re: Johnny P's Road America Report (April 21-23)
Post by: Sindarin on May 05, 2006, 12:06:11 AM
Great write-up Johnny!  :thumb:

Hopefully things will go better this weekend. I'll try not to bring the rain like last September. See you at Blackhawk. ;D
Title: Re: Johnny P's Road America Report (April 21-23)
Post by: Jack on May 05, 2006, 10:25:40 AM
Have you tried golf?  :-[ ::)

Sucks. Hope you get it all back together. Good luck at BHF this weekend.

Maybe I'll show up and see how my Ford Excursion works as a pit bike.  :jerkoff:
Title: Re: Johnny P's Road America Report (April 21-23)
Post by: Johnny P on May 05, 2006, 12:17:30 PM
I sure am glad I bought a Zuma and not a little dirt bike for the pits!  Hopefully we will see you there :thumb: